Command Description Mode
clear alias Clears aliases of commands. P1
clear arp Clears ARP table entries. P
clear cam Clears CAM table entries. P
clear config Clears configuration and resets the system. P
clear counters Clears MAC and Port counters. P
clear help Shows the clear command menu. P
clear ip alias Clears aliases of IP Addresses. P
clear ip route Clears IP routing table entries. P
clear log Clears the system error log. P
clear snmp trap Clears SNMP trap receiver address. P
clear spantree portvlanpri Clears spantree port vlan priority. P
clear trunk Clears trunks. P
clear vlan Clears a VLAN. P
clear vtp Clear VTP statistics. P
configure Downloads a configuration file from the network and executes each command in the file. P
disable Returns the console interface to normal mode. P
disconnect Closes an active console port or Telnet session. P
download Copies a software image from a specified host to the designated module's flash memory. P
download serial Copies software images to the supervisor card or Flash memory through a serial port. P
enable Activates privileged mode. N2
help Lists the top-level commands available in the current mode. N, P
history Shows the contents of the history substitution buffer. N
ping Sends ICMP echo request packets to another node on the network. N
quit Exits the administration interface session. N
reset Sets the system to its default values or configures the system as an individual module. P
set alias Creates a shorthand name (alias) for the command. P
set arp Sets an ARP table entry . P
set bridge help Lists the set bridge commands P
set bridge ipx 8022toether Sets the default mode for translating IPX frames from FDDI 802.2 to Ethernet P
Sets the default protocol for translating IPX frames from Ethernet 802.3 RAW to FDDI P
set cam Sets a CAM table entry. P
set cdp disable Deactivates Cisco Discovery Protocol information. P
set cdp enable Sets Cisco Discovery Protocol information. P
set cdp interval Sets the number of seconds between Cisco Discovery Protocol messages. P
set help Sets the LER-alarm value. P
set fddi cutoff Sets the LER-cutoff value P
set fddi alarm Lists the set fddi commands P
set fddi tlmin Sets the TL_MIN value for an FDDI port P
set fddi tnotify Sets the T_Notify timer value for an FDDI port P
set fddi treq Sets the TRequest value for an FDDI MAC P
set fddi userdata Sets the user-data string in the SMT MIB of an FDDI module P
set enablepass Sets the privileged password. P
set help Shows the set command menu. N
set interface Sets a network interface configuration. P
set ip alias Sets an alias for an IP Address. P
set ip fragmentation Enables or disables the fragmentation of IP packets bridged between Ethernet networks. P
set ip help Lists the set ip commands. P
set ip redirect Enables or disables ICMP redirect messages for the switch.
set ip route Adds IP addresses or aliases to the IP routing table. P
set ip unreachable Enables or disables ICMP unreachable messages for the switch. P
set length Sets the number of lines in the terminal display screen. N
set logout Sets the number of minutes before automatic logout. P
set module disable Disables a module. P
set module enable Enables a module. P
set module help Shows the set module command menu. P
set module name Sets module name. P
set password Sets the console password. P
set port disable Disables a port. P
set port duplex Sets port transmission type (full/half duplex). P
set port enable Enables a port. P
set port help Shows the set port command menu. P
set port level Sets a port's priority level (normal/high). P
set port name Sets a port's name. P
set port speed Sets a port's speed. P
set port trap Sets the port up/down trap (enable/disable). P
set prompt Sets the CLI prompt. P
set snmp community Sets SNMP community string. P
set snmp help Shows the set snmp command menu. P
set snmp rmon Sets the SNMP RMON. P
set snmp trap Sets the SNMP Remote Monitoring (RMON) support (enable|disable). P
set span Sets the switch port analyzer. P
set spantree disable Disables spanning tree. P
set spantree enable Enables spanning tree. P
set spantree fwddelay Sets spantree forward delay. P
set spantree hello Sets spantree hello time. P
set spantree help Shows the set spantree command menu. P
set spantree maxage Sets spantree maximum aging time. P
set spantree portcost Sets spantree port cost. P
set spantree portfast Sets the spantree port fast start. P
set spantree portpri Sets spantree port priority. P
set spantree portvlanpri Sets the spantree port vlan priority. P
set spantree priority Sets spantree priority. P
set system baud Sets the console port baud rate. P
set system contact Sets the system contact. P
set system help Shows the set system command menu. P
set system location Sets the system location. P
set system modem Sets modem control (enable/disable). P
set system name Sets the system name. P
set time Sets the system time. P
set trunk Sets ports to be trunks. P
set vlan Sets virtual LANs on ports. P
set vtp Sets Virtual Truck information. P
show alias Shows aliases for commands. N
show arp Shows the ARP table . N
show cam Shows the CAM table. N
show cdp Shows Cisco Discovery Protocol information. N
show config Shows the system configuration. P
show fddi Displays the settings of the FDDI/CDDI modules N
show fddicam Displays the CAM table for the FDDI/CDDI modules N
show fddi Shows the show command menu N
show flash Lists flash code information. P
show help Lists and describes the available show commands. N
show interface Shows network interfaces. N
show ip alias Shows aliases for IP Addresses. N
show ip help Lists the show ip commands. N
show ip route Displays the IP routing table entries. N
show log Displays the system error log. P
show mac Shows MAC information. N
show module Shows mbuf and malloc statistics. P
show module Shows module information. N
show netstat Shows network statistics. N
show port Shows port information. N
show snmp Shows SNMP information. N
show span Shows switch port analyzer information. N
show spantree Shows spantree information. N
show system Shows system information. N
show test Shows results of diagnostic tests. N
show time Shows the current time. N
show trunk Shows trunk information. N
show users Shows active Admin sessions. N
show version Shows version information. N
show vlan Shows virtual LAN information. N
show vtp Shows Virtual Trunk Protocol (VTP) information. N
show vtp help Displays Virtual Trunk Protocol commands.
slip Attaches or detaches SLIP from the console port. P
telnet Starts a telnet connection to a remote host. P
test help Shows the test command menu. P
test snmp trap Sends trap message to SNMP trap receivers. P
upload Uploads a code image to a network host. P
wait Pauses for a specified number of seconds. N
write Uploads the current configuration to a host or displays it on the terminal. P

1 P = Privileged mode.
2 N = Normal mode.

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